A Butterfly in Space

我爱你 / I love you / Jeg elsker deg / Ik hou van jou / Je t'aime

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Slam poetry. Yelling. Angry. Waving my hands a lot. Specific point of view on things. Cynthia. Cyn-thi-a. Jesus died for our Cynthia’s. Jesus cried. Runaway bride. Julia Roberts. Julia rob-hurts. Cynthia. Mmmmm Cynthia, you’re dead. You are dead. Be boop beep you’re dead.
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I have never laughed so hard in a movie theater before

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one third of me:
I want a relationship so much, relationships are so cute
one third of me:
sex sex sex I want sex fuck relationships lets be slutty
one third of me:
fuck everyone I hate people